August 30, 2005
Hell on Earth

New Orleans and the southern coast is horrific.

Martial law declared.

Levees completely failing.

Hospitals evacuated.

Newspaper buildings evacuated.

Fires openly burning, resulting from overwhelming gas leaks all over the city.

A man telling of losing his wife when the waters came too fast.

Newscasters, reporters and government officials openly crying on TV.

A man jumping to his death from the Superdome.

Now the Superdome is being evacuated before it becomes the Supertomb. 20,000 people out by boat or helicopter. An unprecedented evacuation.

And looting. Cretins taking this time to rip through suitcases and taking stereos, TV's, any thing they can get their hands on. I've read calls to shoot on sight, but seriously, that is not going to happen. At least not by the authorities. Not when a police officer is crucified for using his weapon on a normal day when things go wrong. If anything, we're going to start seeing vigilantes come forth.

As far as those who say people are looting out of necessity, let me just say Nikes don't taste that good. And last I checked a stereo won't keep a baby dry.

Can you imagine being in your house, having the water rise and you can only go to your attic? Finally, desperately, you must use an axe to break through only to be left sitting on the roof as the rescue workers help others because there are just so many in the same situation. So there you sit, in your wet clothes, in the humidity, with likely insects buzzing around and watching all your belongings, your neighbours belongings float away.

New Orleans is sinking, man, and I don't wanna swim.

I keep waiting for it to seem like it's turning a bit better. But it just keeps getting worse. I keep thinking it's exaggerated. But it doesn't seem to be.

At least one blog I found is attempting to post good stories, triumphing human nature. In all the nasty chaos, you just know there has to be some heartwarming stories somewhere.

Brendan Loy has a very informative blog as well. Check it out.

I'm left however with a dark feeling. That we are looking at not hundreds dead, but thousands. I hope I'm wrong.

What is a word stronger than catastrophic?

Update: I have to post what Monica wrote in my comments because it was so profound. A word stronger than catastrophic? Hope.

Thank you, Monica for such a beautiful thought.

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