August 29, 2005

Watching the news coming out of the Gulf Coast today is just devastating. I can't believe they keep talking about how 'lucky' New Orleans was, only being sideswiped. I suspect those down there don't feel all that lucky. And what about the other towns? There has to be areas directly hit, small towns that are cut off and have been erradicated. Makes my heart sick!

I get the sense that it is going to be something along the lines of when the tsunami hit, in terms of casualties. Where we first heard it was 3 people, then 30, and then it just got bad. I have been stuck on the news all day - I'm a news hound at the best of times but this is just beyond description.

Now watching CNN, listening to one of their senior reporters - Jeanne Meserve actually crying on the air and losing her composure as she talks about hearing people yelling for help, and dogs barking but there was nothing that could be done. The search and rescue suspended for the night, they can only be left until tomorrow.

And watching people looting! What the hell is THAT? The cornerstone of civilized society is respect for one another - and to think, when they are still trying to SAVE people, that others are so depraved. Ugh, it just makes me sick!

We have a family member in Mobile, AL. Working at the South Alabama University, I believe. Everyone is quite nervous about it considering we haven't heard from him but we can do nothing but wait - along with so many others.

And just to turn this into a little 'about me'. The flu is not the flu. I have been glossing over it here and also in my real life because I didn't want to recognize how sick I've been. Turns out I am having a diverticulitis attack.

The good news? It looks controllable without hospitalization - although yesterday I wasn't so certain. I will undergo some more tests tomorrow to confirm that.

The bad news? I'm off work for at least a week, and am scared that I could lose my job. I am only a contract worker, and while they are very pleasant about it, I have not had much understanding in my career when it comes to my health, so I am not trusting the situation. However, after a very tearful conversation with my doctor today, I have had to come to the realization that no matter what, I am seriously unwell right now and must look after me.

But a silver lining as always, my best friend has been absolutely an angel. When I called her today almost hysterical with the diagnosis, she wasted no time in going straight to the grocery store and stocking me up with broth, and juice. I can have nothing but straight fluids for the next 48 hours. Given that she is 45 minutes away, it was not a small task and I am so thankful for her. I am not too easy to be friends with as I do get sick a lot, and most people get tired of hearing it, but Leigh has always been there. She never questions me, and will drop everything to be there when I need it - even if I don't ask. Last December, when I was hospitalized, she stayed with me in the hospital until I was admitted and left her company that had just flown into town because she felt she was needed. These are the things that make me so thankful to have her in my life and although she doesn't read this blog often enough, I hope she somehow stumbles onto this entry. Thank you, my friend.

'k, I'm waffling now. Back to my SueNN addiction.

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