August 31, 2005
Could it happen here?
Yesterday, Rebecca thought out loud about the possibility of a similar catastrophe happening here. While we don't get the terrible hurricanes that the southern US has seen, we are earthquake country. They've been telling us for years we're long over due.

We did have a typhoon touch us in 1962. Typhoon Frieda is remembered by many as a significant event in Vancouver's history. So while not something that is common, these massive storms are possible.

Watching the news these past few days has bothered me on a few levels. The incredible destruction, the unknown and the complete disintegration of society. But it's also made me concerned on another level.

This is the corner of the world that I live in. I am on the corner of an island and about 100 yards from the dyke that keeps our water out. In the picture above, I'm close to where that second little finger of water dips in. It is an area that I have always wanted to live in, from the time I was old enough to remember.

The river has always been my calming force. To be able to walk up and sit watching the water is a source of great pride for me. Any time in my life that I've started to feel stressed, I need to do no more than sit up there and I become grounded again.

From outside my house, you can see the dyke as the little hill just past the white car. It's close.

But breathtaking. We may take our safety for granted, but these dykes are what keep us from flooding. Like I said in a previous post, we have flooded here - in 1980 and also seriously in 1948.

Sure, I have flood insurance but it does make you stop and think watching these news reports. I think as soon as I'm well enough, I might just go buy one of those axes to slip up in my attic. It can get dusty and forgotten. Actually, I quite hope it does.

Vancouver, British Columbia
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