August 31, 2005
Continuing On
Still can't stop watching the devastation in the Southern Gulf. New Orleans is beyond description and I can only imagine what's happening in the other towns.

Martial (not marshall) law is a tricky situation. People are already starting to complain of mistreatment and terrible things. The police are completely outmanned and frankly, how does one police officer take on a passel of looters? Even they shoot (and I'm quite sure that isn't going to happen - life is not in danger), they can ignite a riot. And a riot they can't control.

Parts of the French Quarter are now on fire. What wasn't lost in the hurricane, the floods may now be lost to fire. And considering the dead cannot even be counted yet, one only hopes that we are not now looking at a casualty count similar to 9/11.

Satellite images are here - it's easy to see some of the magnitude.

Of course, it's not just New Orleans either. This story comes out of Mississippi, and sadly is only one of many.

But in all terrible situations, there is life and there is good.

Now for me. Still feeling very nasty and not good yet. Food is not my friend and I am very tired and weak, but I do believe there is an improvement over yesterday. No fever today at least.

Had a great conversation with my big brother last night. He's a man of very few words so when he heard of me calling his daughter when I was upset, I guess he felt the need to call when they got to the campsite.

R: Why didn't you call me?
Me: Well, I just panicked, I guess. I'm ok now. Didn't mean to scare you all.
R: Stop that. Right now. You can call whenever you need it ok?
Me: Yeah
R: You can't ignore this stuff. It's not right. Take Mom for example. She has no lungs - she knows to call for help at the first chance of getting sick. You have no bowels. You need to accept that and ask for help when you need it.
Me: You're right.
R: It's what I've learned. Since I have no...I mean, if I get chest pains.

So my Mom has no lungs, I have no digestion, and he has no heart. Do you think the Wizard of Oz could help us?

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