September 04, 2005
Yesterday I was finally able to leave the house for the first time in over a week. Or at least to somewhere that didn't involve a hospital or a doctor of some sort.

After 14 hours of watching news a day, it was a welcome few hours.

I went to my brother's for dinner, now that they're back from their holiday. But it was a solemn meal. So much in the world and in our local scene has really taken a toll.

My sister-in-law's nephew in Mobile is still without power and telephone, one week later. We are thankful he has food and a roof over his head, but he is far from fine. The strain on my sister-in-law's face was palpable.

My niece's husband talked about a local radio station that instead of giving away prize tickets is now auctioning them off for Hurricane Katrina.

My younger niece, who is already a very sensitive person had a terrible shock when she went to work yesterday. Someone had been found dead at her place of work.

We spoke of the emergency workers, and specifically the police officers in New Orleans. With my brother being a police officer, these stories take a special meaning. We admired them for what must be above and beyond the most horrific circumstances, while the media focuses on the negative of their job. The looting and those that chose to turn in their badges. But those are such a few and don't speak for the many, many others that are there. That are giving everything they have, and likely haven't seen their families in days.

We all talked about having nightmares this week and not being able to sleep. We talked about our plans if a catastrophe were to hit here. Especially considering last night's local news showed my street when they were talking about the first place to go if something were to happen here.

My sister-in-law said 'Sue, you don't just get in your car and come here. Don't wait.' Then we realized that's not a great plan either, considering to get there involves a tunnel or a bridge.

It was good, in a lot of ways, to get together and just be thankful that we can.

Vancouver, British Columbia
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