September 01, 2005
As the descent into chaos turns to a steeper drop in New Orleans, reports of gunfire at the Superdome causing suspension of rescue efforts and even sniper fire at hospitals?

Even the bloody Tamil Tigers put their guns down when the tsunami hit!

Those people, if they can ever get their hands on them (and assuming they aren't killed themselves) need to be prosecuted for 1st degree murder or whatever the highest legal ramification is. For every moment, police and National Guard must spend on keeping control is one moment not spent on saving someone else.

I wrote back last December, after the tsunami, what the response would be like if such a thing occurred here. I asked what we would think of mass funeral pyres and I'm deeply disturbed to think that it is far too likely that we will be hearing of that far too soon.

As far as planning goes, there's only so much planning that can be done. Sadly, every attempt at trying to plan and excercise is trumped by the wildcard of human behaviour. There is always the feeling that the worst case fears are never realized and when they are, it goes beyond comprehension.

The living conditions in the Superdome are beyond the worst possible.

Senior Thinking has a post up about the numbers we are likely looking at and it's sobering.

Ravishing Light talks about the City the Damned Call Home.

And now no mail? Through rain, through sleet, through snow, but not so much flood and hurricane.

WWLTV has a breaking news thread that has been very informative too.

In positive news, we heard last night from our family member in Mobile. His cell phone wasn't accepting calls so it was getting very nerve wracking, but knowing that so many people are in the same boat, we could do nothing more than wait. However, late last night, a text message that simply said 'We are ok. No phone, no electric, but no flood. Will call when can. Helping out where needed.'


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