September 11, 2005
4 years
4 years since the world changed forever. 4 years since nearly 3,000 people lost their lives, including 26 Canadians. Our innocence shaken and lost.

My first words spoken that morning will never leave me. I called my mother and said 'The world's gone mad!' I don't even use that word in that context - mad - but I couldn't find the right ones to say.

It's easy to become complacent. Numbers fade the stories of the people. The pain we all felt as we waited in those days following September 11. Knowing people were trapped, knowing so many were so severely injured. Many lost their lives that day, but countless more were wounded - physically and emotionally. The children who will never know their parents. The families forever scarred by their missing loved ones.

There are many tributes out there today and I could do no better justice to the memory except to point out a couple that I thought were particularly moving.

Blackfive has a poem you should all read - The Day We Became One People.

Girl on The Right gets to the point in a selection of pictures you need to see.

A emotional slideshow of the scenes from that day is here.

Michelle Malkin has a fantastic dont-miss roundup of posts and pictures.

Vancouver remembers.

I remember.

Vancouver, British Columbia
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