March 07, 2005
The Funeral details
A lot of people seem to be surfing in here looking for the RCMP funeral details, according to my search words. So PSA time...check out the details here. The National Service will take place on Thursday, at 1pm at the U of Alberta. My brother is leaving Wednesday, apparently.

One last rant about it all...why does the media have to focus in on the fact that one officer wasn't wearing protective armour? Armour is not some sort of protective forcefield from evil like they show on TV! This man meant to kill and he did. He had a weapon far and above what the police officers had. The body armour is a moot point, and takes away from the situation.

The police have incidents every day where they're faced with people who have disdain for them. On a daily basis, they are verbally abused, spit on, and worse. If they had to call in backup every time someone said they were going to kill them, they'd never get anything done. The sad reality is, like in any tragedy, if someone wishes to do harm badly enough, they will find a way.

Vancouver, British Columbia
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