March 05, 2005
Flogging the blogging
I surf a lot. It's probably getting to addiction stage, especially since I was made redundant, but there are just so many interesting perspectives out there, I can't help myself. There are about 15-20 that I read daily. Some are on my blogroll, some aren't but I thought it might be interesting today to go through some of the more prominent ones. Some you may have heard of, some maybe not. Linky Love Saturday, here we go:

Stephie, of Little Rock, AR, is going through some definitely challenging times right now, but she has a heart of gold. She is one of the most warmhearted individuals I have ever had the pleasure to meet.

In the Deep South amongst the kudzu and the mint juleps is Scarlett. Another amazingly geniune person, she invites you into her parlour and has the southern hospitality down to a tee. Of course, as long as that includes beer and no homework!

Fellow Canadian, Rebecca hails from just down the highway from me. She writes knowledgeably about her Catholic faith but also highlights some interesting points living in BC and in Canada relevant to today's society. Plus, she has a mean Sims2 addiction.

Of all the milblogs out there, Red2Alpha is my favourite. He is currently deployed in Iraq, missing his lovely wife - another great blog - and has the gift of writing. His descriptions of his missions bring you right there along with him, emotionally and visually.

He was in the sandbox for a year, but Sminky's back in the US now. Again, a very talented writer and has proven that just being home doesn't dull the stories but just the opposite.

Now, Flirt In A Skirt has a unique site. Genuinely a very giving person, she makes the surf a friendly place. Her posts often give us something to think about and also shares the love with others.

California Girl is that and so much more. Finding her place in the world, with her young son, her Vin Diesel look-alike Marine, and further education, she still finds the time to blog often and with greatly interesting topics.

A relatively new blogger, Mustang23 is proving his worthiness in the blogging world. He has brought up some really provocative posts lately and has me reading often. As does Major K, who's platoon lately experienced it's first blood. Both very interesting writers.

SondraK is like a newsite, with all her quirky posts. Love them, and they often make me laugh out loud, scaring the dog.

A Little Pregnant gives a hilarious perspective on the joys and pitfalls of having a preemie baby, and parenting in general.

Red and Ian are friends I met years and years ago, in a galaxy far far away. Actually through a mailing list back long before such things were trendy. We've been friends nearly a decade now, and have met a few times in 'real life'.

A beautiful spirit, Cav is currently battling cancer. She does it with grace, dignity and whole lot of humour.

MarinadeDave, the brother of a deployed soldier is a sweet friend. Not only quick to be supportive and friendly, his blog blends some interesting perspectives from his wide-ranging background of graphic design and the restaurant biz. His brother-in-law is currently going through treatment for leukemia so any positive vibes spared and sent his way would be appreciated.

On the Canadian side of things, there are a few I read daily for their provocative introspections. JohnTheMad, BabblingBrooks and RagingKraut make me proud to be Canadian. They're all part of the Red Ensign Blogs, which I'll write a post about later.

A newly found jewel this week is 100Moments, introduced by Senior Thinking in his most recent contest. His posts have been very entertaining and I am looking forward to hearing what more he has hidden in that brain of his.

Mad Scrambling is a blog I've been reading for several months now. He's from Seattle, and has had a lot to deal with since returning from Iraq last year. Keeps me reading with his sarcastic style.

A Canadian living down in the American south, Absent Canadian has been pretty interesting too. He's been sharing some of those long-forgotten notes we all passed around in high school. An awesome blast from the past! Which reminds me...Okie On The Lam has been involved in a very cool project lately. Scanning and posting love letters from his Dad to his Mom during WWII.

This post is quickly getting out of hand now so I'll stop. So many others are coming to mind, but I'll leave that for Part 2. Now you can see why I have such difficulty getting into creating a resume!

Vancouver, British Columbia
A patriotic Canadian full of visions of a better Canada, random thoughts and a lot of hot air. Who am I? A struggling writer and photographer, who looks forward to a better Canada. I read. A lot. I learn. A lot. I push myself. A lot. The world is a small place, and getting smaller every day. I'm proud to have friends in every corner of the earth, and abide by the old adage that there are no strangers, only friends we haven't met yet.
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