March 03, 2005
A sad day
Today, outside Edmonton, 4 RCMP members were killed in a shootout. Stories are here and here.

Short version story, they were murdered by a lone male with a high-powered shotgun as they prepared to raid a farm suspected of being involved in organized crime and the drug trade. The cowardly bastard then killed himself. This is the single highest one-day loss in the Canadian police forces in our history.

I am at a loss for words tonight. As the sister of a police officer, I worry every single day that my brother will come home. I don't ask what he does or details of where he does it. Part is to preserve the separation between family and job, which he desperately needs, but also because I'm not sure I want to know.

My prayers and thoughts go out to the families of the 4 slain members. Their wives, kids, their parents, siblings, friends. It cuts so deep. I think about the 5th officer and what he must have thought when he came across his four slain brethren.

Ironically, I'll bet the dude's gun wasn't registered either.

The world is such a terribly scary place. I often feel like we're flinging far and wide in a handbasket. I just feel absolutely ill...

Vancouver, British Columbia
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