March 29, 2005
Rollercoaster or Ferris Wheel
I'm not quite sure what ride I'm on but the pendulum swung the other way tonight.

After I let my emotions get the better of me the other day, I've had two phonecalls tonight. Suffice to say, my insecurities were unfounded. I just hope I can keep them demons at bay for a while yet.

For the first time since Todd was deployed, I didn't forward my cell phone tonight when I went out. I figured there was no chance he would call, considering most of his calls come in the middle of the night. BUZZER!! Wrong!!!

While I was out celebrating my niece's birthday, he tried to call. And now again, just before midnight, he tried a second time. 'What, don't you love me anymore?', he teased when I told him how I was so bummed about missing his call earlier.

This rollercoaster definitely is quite the ride. If just the basic new relationship drama wasn't enough, this long-distance warzone stuff definitely throws a wrench into the mix!

He's promised me a pic of him standing outside the Blackhawk. He says he's been on quite a few 'missions' of late. I like to think of him more in the non-combat role - since he's in the logistics support part, but I'd be naive to think there isn't danger involved. I got more details of what he's been up to than I have in a long while. It's definitely been more than he signed up for and I now know that his moods are not anything more than trying to get his head around where he is and what's happening in his world.

So no more drama queen for me. Next time I do a little freak-out, someone slap me upside the head, ok?

Vancouver, British Columbia
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