March 08, 2005
What would you do?
A story out of Kelowna, (subscription only so I'll post in full...)

Dad charged after killing dog that bit son

David Wylie

KELOWNA -- A Westbank resident fed up with his neighbour's roaming dog killed the animal this weekend after it bit his young son.

Westbank RCMP Staff-Sgt. Julio Krenz said the large dog bit the boy several times while roaming Rose Valley Road just outside of Kelowna on Sunday evening.

"It wasn't really a mauling, but this dog has a history of running loose," said Krenz. "The kid had a couple of puncture wounds."

The boy returned home after the attack to tell his father, who then went to the dog's home with a shotgun and killed the dog with two rounds.

When the dog's owner opened the door to see what had happened, the man turned the shotgun on him, said Krenz.

The dog's owner retreated and called police while neighbours blocked the driveway of the shooter, who turned himself in to police.

Krenz said the man's guns have been confiscated and he's facing two charges, dangerous use of a firearm and pointing a firearm.


In the case above, I completely understand the frustration of the Dad. His kid was hurt, and he acted out of emotion. But this isn't the Wild West! Call the police, call the SPCA. Put in complaints, but don't go shooting animals and threatening neighbours. Dude, you need some serious anger management!

As far as the comment from the Staff Seargent trying to minimize the wounds by saying it's "only a couple punctures", not cool. Doesn't matter what the outcome...if a dog will terrorize a child like that, it was the responsibility of the owner to take care of the situation. If that meant keeping the dog indoors at all times, so be it. But if he knew of the dog's weakness, he did a disservice to the animal by allowing it to become involved in a dangerous situation.

As a dog owner, I know it's a responsibility of mine to keep my dog in and away from harm or harming others. I have a dog that, while not dangerous, I suspect may bite under stress. So I don't walk her in parks, etc., as I have found people not to be too helpful. When she was young, and her shyness and nervousness made her skittish and jumpy, I would tell people 'Please don't come near, she's shy and doesn't respond well to strangers'. Time and time again, I would be told things like "Oh, dogs love me." and they would burst towards her startling her and making her growl. So I stopped walking her altogether, and instead brought her to daycare. She socializes with the other dogs and knows the other people there. According to the staff, she's a great dog to have around, as long as you let her get to know you first.

Vancouver, British Columbia
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