April 18, 2005
Cabin Fever in the Media
I came across an article today in the Belfast Telegraph that paints a very bleak picture of the situation in Iraq.

In the article, Patrick Cockburn write:
Ironically, one reason why Washington can persuade the outside world that its venture in Iraq is finally coming right is that it is too dangerous for reporters to travel outside Baghdad or stray far from their hotels in the capital. The threat to all foreigners was underlined last week when an American contractor was snatched by kidnappers.
Obviously this man has not found the beauty of blogging. Of hearing the voices outside the media. What about Iraq The Model, who consistently gives a view from inside the country, and over the last few months has been able to look at the bigger picture.

Cockburn goes on to say:
Despite the elections on 30 January, the US problem in Iraq remains unchanged. It has not been defeated by the Sunni Arab guerrillas but it has not defeated them either. The US army and Iraqi armed forces control islands of territory while much of Iraq is a dangerous no-man's land.
Strawberry Fields, though has a different take here, where she speaks of the jubilant celebrations over the new president.

Another paragraph states:
With US networks largely confined to their hotels in Baghdad by fear of kidnapping, it is possible to sell the American public the idea that no news is good news.
Hmmm...so there's no other way to get news than through the MSM? I'm not naive enough to say that it's not a dangerous place...it will be for some time, but things are definitely improving. Even if it is one inch at a time.

Take NIW's view...she dreams of the day she can return to her beloved Iraq. As she returns to help rebuilding, she is taking an active part in her dream.

It may be a few years before anyone can see the full picture, but I am positive that looking back in years to come will shed a completely different light on the picture than what the MSM and reporters like the above would have us believe.

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