April 19, 2005
Spring has sprung
Last night, I had the sure signs that spring is definitely here. The Raccoon is back. I used to think they were cute and sweet...adorable little fuzzy creatures. Then I found out. They are evil. And the family of them that lives in my neighbourhood is anything but adorable.

They find delight in scurrying around my backyard at night, freaking the dog out and crapping below my bedroom window. More times than I can count, we have found piles of their little decorations underneath the window and trust me, in the summer, it is NOT what you want to smell when you try to get fresh air.

Once, in one of my more embarrassing moments, I had to take a sample to the vets when Molly was sick. I scooped it up, brought it in and was distraught when the vet called later in the day to say it had tested positive for several parasites, and even Beaver Fever. Another $100 for further testing revealed that while my dog was fine, the raccoon had seen better days.

I was on the phone last night when it peered in the window at me. Sort of an eerie 'We're BAAAACK!'

Maybe the coyote will get some lunch instead. One can hope. Ah, the joys of nature.

Vancouver, British Columbia
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