May 24, 2005
Not what you'd expect...
A friend of mine had an unfortunate thing happen to her on the way home from work the other day.

Her son-in-law and she were driving home, and about half a block from their house, there was a balloon lying in the middle of the street. So, Julio ran over it, not thinking anything of it.

But, it wasn't just any balloon. It had been filled with what they figure was a gallon of oil-based paint! The subsequent splash was like 'the worst mud puddle you've ever gone through' and the insurance figures there is at least $1500 damage. The whole truck will need repainting!

Obviously a kid's prank, which they were no doubt watching from somewhere but I'd never heard of it happening. Now they're out of pocket their deductible and the inconvenience of not having their vehicle for a week.

So next time you see an innocent looking balloon, don't run over it!

Vancouver, British Columbia
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