May 17, 2005
Operation Matador
I found an interesting account of last week's Operation Matador on PBS.

We pulled up to the city Euphrates for what was supposed to be a dawn
crossing. And in fact we didn't leave until the next morning. There was a
problem with getting the bridge built across the river. And because of that, by
about the fifth hour that we were waiting by the bank to cross, we started
getting mortar fire from the nearest town, Ubaydi.
And the mortars were getting closer, to the point that the last one hit in the yard where a lot of the officers, and we were waiting to cross. And that's when they decided to go across the river into Ubaydi and take care of whoever was firing mortars.

Read the whole article.

Something else occurred to me this morning. We haven't heard anything in the media lately on the condition of Jeffrey Ake, who was kidnapped nearly 5 weeks ago. There's been stories on the Australian American and the Japanese contractor, but nothing on Jeffrey Ake. His poor family must be going through absolute hell.

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