May 07, 2005
Saturday sludge
I'm feeling quite a bit better today, at least as long as I don't actually try to eat. Or think about food at all for that matter. No fever today, so that's somethin'...

I did Todd's tarot for him last night. I hadn't drawn the cards for anyone for a long time, ever since I saw a friend's miscarriage in them, I have been hesitant. But he's going through a lot of emotions right now and not really knowing where to proceed. So I did a spread for him and I thought I did quite well - I saw a lot of turmoil going on but it seemed to be positive over all as long as he learned to rely on his instincts. Of course, he didn't read it like that at all and when he phoned this morning, he seemed more depressed than ever. Now I feel terrible. I thought I was doing what he wanted but now I feel like I should have kept my trap shut. He's in such a deep dark place right now, and I have no idea how to bring him up.

(And Stephie, I know I promised you a reading too...I will hopefully do that soon!)

In other news, my friend is battling a pretty serious infection at the moment that has her going into the hospital every 12 hours for an IV treatment. It's a type of Staph called MRSA, but considered to be the Superbug as it's resistant to most medications. She had it twice last fall and was seriously ill. This is not something to be trifled it can be life-threatening. I am very worried for her. Life has been a rollercoaster with her, as she's in the midst of a divorce and other relationship issues and it's just not been easy at all.

What does annoy me on her behalf though is that instead of being hospitalized, she must go to the hospital for outpatient treatment twice a day. The hospital is a good 40 min. from her house, so imagine having to get one treatment around noon and then having to pack yourself back to the hospital for midnight. How does one possibly rest to get better?

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