May 12, 2005
Five Things
Rebecca has tagged me for a list of five things that people in your circle of friends or peer group are wild about, but you can't really understand the fuss over."

Hmmm...this is hard, but here goes:

  1. Alcohol - I've never been a big drinker except in those mid-teens when you just had to try. I don't like the taste of wine, or beer but once in a very blue moon, I'll have a few vodka somethings. I'm always an oddity in a new group - What, you don't drink? but once people get to know me, they know I'm just as fun and I don't get the hangover the next day.

  2. Reality TV - there are a couple I will tolerate (Amazing Race, Survivor) but for the most part they annoy. I live reality. I don't need to see it. The worst to me are the romance related makes me cringe to see these desperate people on TV making such a bad name for themselves and further stereotyping their gender!

  3. Pot - a lot of friends do it, a lot of family too. In a country where people tend to look the other way at the legal issues, I sometimes feel I'm the only one. But I've seen the bad side - my brother is a shell of himself and my ex was a brilliant scientist but his days now consist of chronic use. I have tried just wasn't for me.

  4. Exercise/Sports - I'm a couch potato. I admit it. I would love to curl up with a good book, or watch a good movie every time rather than go out and actually get moving. I grew up in a family of highly motivated athletes (one brother in pro football, the other on Team Canada for volleyball) but it has never held fascination for me. My friends know not to call me when they're going for a 14 mile hike but if there's a movie involved or some Cranium, I'm there.

  5. Spicy Food - nuh, uh, not me! Friends rave about curry, and jalapeno related stuff, but it just makes me cringe. Never have been a friend to the spicy stuff - even pepper is too much!
Passing the baton to Stephie, Scarlett and Charon!

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