May 12, 2005
A media blitz and annoyance
This is Your War got picked up by the mainstream media today. Good for him! His blog is by far my favourite milblog out there and he really deserves some attention!

Check out the article here.

I had a rant on the pathetic creep of a Prime Minister we have going on in this country, but I'm so annoyed that words just aren't coming freely. It's just absolutely revolting and frustrating.

Paul Martin, the tribe has spoken. You have been voted off, and you need to extinguish your torch and walk away.

The fact this man, who I can no longer in good conscience refer to as my Prime Minister, has thumbed his nose at absolutely everything is an embarrasment to our country as a whole. Not only voted no confidence, but now waiting setting a scrambing, grasping deadline knowing that at least one crucial members of the vote is undergoing cancer surgery that day is beyond the means of taste.

To say this man is the leader of a country is a farce! You would think we were in some third world backwater. If we had a military, we would have every excuse to form a coup.

For my American friends who may not know the whole story of Canada's government falling, check out NealeNews for the headlines.

Ugh. I am beyond disgusted. It is incredibly disappointing to see your country's government fall so far into shame and not even be able to see the light.

Vancouver, British Columbia
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