May 17, 2005
Schoolyard games
Can our government get any more pathetic and just plain sad? The Liberals are now so desperate I don't think there's anything going to be even left once Martin stops signing cheques.

I am reminded today by Belinda Stronach's about face of another floor crosser of not long ago. Looks like another Joe Peschisolido in our midst.

Back in 2002, after being elected as an Alliance party member for Richmond, became one of Chretien's team, turning his back on the people who elected him. He wasn't even from BC, but was just another opportunity hog.
At the time, he said:
"I know there are going to be individuals who are going to feel I'm opportunistic," Peschisolido said - one day after crossing the floor of the House of Commons to become a backbencher on Prime Minister Jean Chretien's Liberal team.

In America, this would be like a Republican becoming a Democrat mid-term. Unthinkable.

I guess when all of us hard working folks, who were taught to be trust worthy, ethical and work hard were busy earning a living, the ACME School of Screw-you-Over-Politicians was alive and running strong.

Take your 30 seconds of fame, Madame Stronach, 'cuz it's all you are ever going to get. Where is Joe these days? Soundly defeated and back under a rock somewhere.

Vancouver, British Columbia
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