May 24, 2005
Victoria Day Weekend
Well, it was a busy one, and I think I needed to get back to work to get away from things a bit.

On Saturday, a friend and I went to see Revenge of the Sith. I'm not a die-hard fan but a fan, nonetheless and was looking forward to having this movie sum up the other 5. I was not disappointed. Although as far as dialogue and romance, Lucas' talents definitely fall elsewhere. And what's with the fact that they can cure just about any entirely maiming injury, yet can't tell when someone's carrying twins? Let alone she can look so tiny and petite, and still pop out a couple of 10-pounders?

Saturday night was the Rodeo. Once a year, we have the Cloverdale Rodeo to thank for letting us closet-cowboy-junkies out in public. This time, we were lucky enough to get front row tickets and sit with a bunch of real country folk, who were kind enough to explain a little more of the intracacies of the sport.

Sadly, it was marred by some misguided protesters who felt holding up signs stating 'Buck the Rodeo' (ooh, think of that yourself?) and 'Real Men Don't Abuse Animals'. Let me just say the rest of the crowd was none too polite about them and let their displeasure be known. We laughed at the thought that they wasted $100 ($20 a seat, and there were at least 5 of them) to get chucked out amid boo's and jeers. I wonder if they thought of where their Nikes were assembled, or where their makeup was tested before they considered this particular venue for their protest. It lasted all of about 5 minutes, but did make the headline news that evening. Oddly, (or maybe not so) the news chose to mention that one calf had to be physically removed after suffering an injury. The calf in question did momentarily become stunned, and vets were called into the ring but by the time they got there, the little guy was up and running all on his own.

I sat beside a group of Americans and was pleased to see they sung not only their own anthem, but ours as well.

Unfortunately though, the Rodeo ended on a bad note last night when a long-term volunteer was seriously injured by a loose bull. I wonder if those protesters will now hold up signs saying 'Real bulls don't abuse men'.

On Sunday, we had the opportunity to go see the play, Miss Saigon. I took my parents and my Aunt. Although the play was well done and the costumes and sets were incredible, I have to say this was not one of my more favourite live performances. I tend to prefer less musical and more theatrical. This, with no lines spoken and only sung, was a bit hard to decipher at times.

Todd's called every day this weekend. He said yesterday he's going to have to stop doing that so he doesn't spoil me. Yeah, silly, job's already done. The temperature in his little corner of the Sandbox is extreme. While it has been at a 'reasonable' 120F over the weekend, there was one day last week when it got to 138F. I did a little google search and that seems like one of the highest recorded temperatures in the world. He said someone there had told him it got to 162F one day last summer, but I can't imagine that it could possibly be correct. Skin would be melting!!

Vancouver, British Columbia
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