June 02, 2005
Notes to the Single Guy
So long distance relationships have their moments, and it seems to make it all the more challenging when the other half is in a war zone.

However, I think what happened last night was a bit of trainwreck and while I'm a pretty easy going person, NavyBoy has some toes deeply imbedded in his mouth at the moment.

I am hurting from the accident. Wish it wasn't true, but my back and my right arm seem to have taken the brunt. In the grand scheme, nothing more than muscular and it should be alright in a few weeks.

Todd called last night, but hadn't checked his email so didn't know what had happened. So I quickly explained my mood and the accident details.

His comment?

'Well, women drivers. You really have to be a little more careful. I've always said women drivers are too easily distracted.'


'So I'll bet you were on a cell phone at the time, right?'

I was and still am not impressed to say the least. He said he was only trying to get me to laugh and was teasing, but holy hell, dude, wrong move!

So if you are talking to your significant other, do not make gender based remarks, 'cuz I can tell you NavyBoy is going to have to do some serious climbing to get out the hole he just dug.

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