September 14, 2005
Smoke clears
While the advisory still exists, with my particular area being some of the hardest hit, I am either developing an immunity to smoke or it's much better today. I only noticed a slightly scratchy throat and didn't have to puff once on my inhaler. I couldn't see the plumes of smoke today so that must be a good sign. It does however smell like a campfire, and I have the extremely strong urge for Smores.

On a very positive development, the orthopaedic surgeon's office called today. I have been moved up for the consult to December 6. While still a long way off considering my immobility, it is still much improved than March! My position at this present company will now end at the end of the year, so if all goes well, I may be able to have the surgery in January (I hope!) which would mean I will not need to be out of work long. My worry was trying to look for a new job while facing surgery - not exactly a great bargaining tool. But things always work out if you do't force them, so I will let things go and not get too worried about it.

So in honour of my upcoming 30 3/5 birthday next week, I have decided to make it a sort of "resolutionary" event.

Starting with the sentence, I've always wanted to....

Learn proper photography techniques - signed up for the course starting September 27.

Write the story of my family - signed up today for a beginner's course in creative writing

Go back to New York - am working on convincing my friend to go in January for a chick weekend before her wedding

Give my parents a scrapbook of all their years - started making notes for each page today and plan to have it done by Christmas

It's a start anyhow! But considering all the TV shows are coming back, I may get a little involved with that. I'm very much looking forward to all the new series.

I tried watching Bones, the new show with Kathy Reich's character Temperance Brennan but gave up after 15 minutes. After 2 minutes of over the top action and pitiful dialog, I was just about done but tried to give it the benefit of the doubt that it would improve. But by second commercial, I had gone back to NCIS.

Nip N' Tuck, one of my most favourite returns next Friday, September 23. That's probably the one I'm most looking forward to...since it's still another 8 months until Sopranos begins. With Six Feet Under now gone, there's a big void now for provocative, well written drama out there. I enjoy ER, CSI, and Law and Order, but they still fall short of the envelope-pushing drama of Nip N' Tuck.

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