October 05, 2005
The Great Big Boo

If anyone reading this blog doesn't realize the big (read: gigantic, huge, enormous) soft spot I have for my wee grandniece, ya haven't read enough.

Guess where we're going?

To the Great Big Boo - an indoor trick-or-treat party for the little ones. All the greats will be there - Dora, Snoopy AND Elmo. Not to mention the witches, vampires, princesses and even a werewolf.

That's especially important as Ms Thang believes she is a werewolf. Note to remember - 3 year olds shouldn't watch Harry Potter, lest they believe they are one of them.

This year's Hallowe'en festivities seem to have taken a new high. Hayley is now old enough to sort of 'get it'. On Saturday, she was like a kid on a car trip to Disneyland. 'Is it Hallowe'en now?'. No, we would tell her. And 5 minutes later, 'Can I trick or treat now?'. It went on all evening until we finally let her stand outside the door and knock. Thankfully, she hasn't quite the concept of leaving the yard without anyone with her!

So on October 29, Ms Thang, L'il Dude, their Mom and I will venture downtown to this show. I hope it's as good as it looks on the website.

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