October 04, 2005
So sad
This story broke my heart.

An 11 year old girl committed suicide in Edmonton with her puppy's leash. The news article focusses on the fact that her father had just been arrested, but the line that got me was -

Her family says the final straw for Kathleen Beardy, who suffered teasing and bullying from neighbourhood youths, appears to have been when her puppy was taken by a group of neighbourhood boys on Saturday night.

"They told her they were going to keep the dog and they left. It was just a fat little puppy," said Katherine Beardy.

After the boys took her dog, she used its leash to end her life in a back lane.

Instead of blaming the police, what about these young punks that would do this to a distraught little girl?

Her death - which was witnessed by her best friend who tried in vain to cut her down from the tree
Then there is this little girl, who seeing her friend die, will never be the same.

A tragedy all around.

Vancouver, British Columbia
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