October 11, 2005
Nothing is simple
Unfortunately, my experience in life has established that dentists are evil. Oh sure, they're nice people and mean well, but in the end, there is always something that goes wrong. A simple cavity turns into a root canal.

I had that dental work done last August and it's never felt right. Over the weekend, the pain got intense and I couldn't eat very easily. Then my right cheek puffed up like a chipmunk at harvest. Last night I couldn't sleep because of the discomfort.

So I went to the dentist an hour ago to have it checked out. Turns out there was an infection that has spread. The x-ray shows it going into the bone. Can I not have something simple? Ever? Or even just once? Queue a bunch of the dentists coming into the room to ooh and ahh over the xray, and now I'm booked into the dental specialist in the hospital in Vancouver for 4:15 today. They are hoping that they won't have to extract it. WTF is that? Ok, I'm worked up right now but I'm just so mad. And hurting. And grumpy.

Vancouver, British Columbia
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