March 20, 2005
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The good news is that my brother has been good for 24 hours now. Well, actually 36, I guess.

Yesterday, we all tried to stay away and give him the rest he needed. Only his girls, and one of my brothers went. He watched a few movies (you can get a DVD player in the room, but just not a test to tell you where the blockage is!) and is now starting to feel a lot better. In fact, when asked this morning what he'd like us to bring, he said a get away car.

Of course, as with most procedures, nothing happens on the weekend. They have him pencilled in for tomorrow so we're hoping that stays to plan. Nothing, though, is written in stone.

Meanwhile, not surprisingly, my back has given up the ghost and I'm walking like an 80 year old. I guess all this stress got me too tense and I'm really uncomfortable today. Such is life.

I will go up to the hospital later, but in the meantime, it's feet up and rest for me.

Todd's been calling again every day to get updates on Ron's progress, which touches me deeply. I have to let my guard down yet a little bit more, when I know that it's not just me he's interested in, but my family as well. He's being moved to a new base now, but I don't know where yet. Things are just changing and he's needed elsewhere. I just hope he gets his package of trans-fats before he goes! I mailed that just last week!

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