April 03, 2005
Aftermath of a tragedy
I have spoken a couple of times about my cousin's girlfriend, who passed away in a tragedy during a working holiday in Australia.

It now seems that the news media is starting to look into the story. I guess they finally found an angle they could run with, now that it would seem her death was entirely preventable.

Cynthia was only 29 when she died last May. She was injured when a makeshift lantern, made of empty beer cans and gasoline ignited and engulfed her. There is some question as to whether the fuel was tossed towards her. She was far from medical care, and it was a considerable delay until she was airlifted to Adelaide for hospitalization. It was not an easy or quick death and she went through absolute agony before finally passing on 6 weeks later.

I remember hearing that my cousin could only say three words at the funeral. Instead of the prepared eulogy he had meant to give, he simply said "I loved her."

Now, it would seem the story is taking on a bit of steam. Answers of how this happened have never been made public, even to the family. An inquest was never deemed warranted. In frustration, her grieving father has gone back to Australia but has been hit with nothing but stonewalling government red tape. It's very easy to walk away and forget but this young girl did exist, and if there is responsibility for her injuries to be taken, it must be.

Adelaide ABC has been running the story on Cynthia in their local news.

I can only hope that the apathy that has surrounded her tragic death will be replaced by, at the very least answers.

Vancouver, British Columbia
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