June 06, 2005
The Red Ensign Standard XXIII
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On the occasion of the 61st anniversary of D-Day, fellow BCer Temujin has the honour of raising the Red Ensign Standard for the 23rd time. He does us proud and his introduction is well worth the read.

In part, he notes wryly on his grandmother's health:

As Alzheimer's disease ravages my maternal grandmother like it did her husband in the 1990's, it has become more important to me to remember the things she told me as a boy. My grandmother was fully aware of history. She told me stories of her life as a young girl in Saskatchewan, and recalled the times that her husband played band for the troops that were set to depart. It is the ultimate irony that such a woman would have her mind taken from her in this way. And people in this country choose to forget.
Go have a peek. It's a great glimpse into this wounded country of ours, and of some of the more introspective Canadian bloggers.

I often feel very intimidated by this group of bloggers, as I know my words are seldom eloquent enough, nor thought provoking. But it is with great pride I fly the Red Ensign, along with the other 55 in the group.

Vancouver, British Columbia
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