September 19, 2005
Culinary Delights of the Seventies
When I was a little girl, my Mom had subscribed to the monthly recipe packages from Betty Crocker and McCalls. Once a month, a thick envelope would arrive and she would leave it for me to open when I came home from school. It was always a big treat to see the pictures of the recipes for me (yeah, I was easily amused!) and I would look forward to the arrival each month.

A little while ago, I inherited the big yellow box back from my Mom. I eagerly opened the dusty box and found, um, well - times have changed.

Here's the first few that I found. I scanned the ones that may not quite have been as, um, cutting edge as they were 30 years ago.

Usually, this would be when you throw the salad out.

I really have no words. "Um, honey, there's some motor oil in the fridge. Don't forget the sprig of greenery - it really takes the bitterness out."

I don't remember this on the Jenny Craig menu. Imagine coming home to prepare this delicacy. Anorexia might even sound inviting....

The apricot or the recipient? It works with any fruit really. Take one small piece of fruit and pour the brandy to the brim. Still more in the bottle? Oh, no one will notice if you take a sip. Or two. Or seven. Besides, the kids will sleep much better if they have desert...

Honey, where's the dog? Have you seen Rin Tin Tin? Yup, that's one way to stretch the budget!

There are quite a few more. I will post them over the next few days.

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