October 30, 2005
All Hallow's Eve

If I could get my act in gear this morning, I would decorate my house with the holiday paraphrenalia in my attic. But it's raining hard, and I'm less energetic than I want to be. So I think I may just fill up the gigantic bowl of candy and start trick-or-treating in my own house today instead.

A few links I'd like to point you in the direction of this morning:

There's a Witches Ball over at Girl On The Right. Some very interesting information the famed Salem Witch Trials of 1692 and a round up of very powerful posts from the group of women known as the Cotillion.

Rue's looking for just the right purse for the occasion. Can you help?

So it's Hallowe'en again. Samhain, for some. For me, it's a hybrid of both. I like to spend a little time remembering those who I've lost to the other side in the last year. It's kinda like my own little memorial day. But with chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

I am hoping to get up to the local museum/cannery this afternoon for a ghost tour. 111 years of history. It'll probably be hokey, but I'll be very interested to hear what they tell me about my neighbourhood that I don't already know.

Have you ever had a ghostly experience? I've had a couple. Both are very moving to me and have dispelled any doubt I have of their existence.

One happened when I was in the hospital in 2003. I was in the critical care ward and the lady beside me was much worse off than I was. When she passed, her family came in and stood around her and sang beautiful hymns and songs to her. She was of Asian decent, and the songs were lulling, calming Asian words that I thought were so touching. I turned to look, and saw two younger children, an old man and a middle-aged woman around her.

When the nurse came in later to tend to her, I mentioned how beautiful her family's ceremony was to witness. She looked at me oddly and said "No one has been here today."

Sure, one could say I was very ill myself, but it was extremely real and to me, was one of the most emotional, touching and heartfelt experiences I've ever been privileged to witness.

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