October 18, 2005
Take a Letter
After my post yesterday, I decided to start jotting down some notes that I wanted in front of me when I called the dentist's office. I didn't want to stammer or sound less confident when I called.

But one thing led to another. My notes turned into sentences. My sentences paragraphs. Soon, I had a two page letter detailing the experiences of the last two years and how I am 'deeply concerned' that this was not caught earlier in August when I first complained.

I sat it aside and re-read it a couple hours later and was still fairly impressed. It was assertive, yet not aggressive. Then I sent it to a friend for proofreading. She came back with only a very minor grammar change and said it was 'well-written'.

So I sent it. I emailed the owner of the dental office.

Two hours later, I received a call from her assistant. Apparently, my letter hit the mark. I will be meeting with the owner and the dentist next Monday to discuss 'renumeration' and 'whatever it will take to make me feel comfortable again'. While I know I'm not amiss in my complaint, it felt very good to hear the apology from the dental office.

Fingers crossed, everything will go well on Monday and I will be able to move past this.

I am feeling much better today and the pain is minimal. Let's just hope this trend continues.

Vancouver, British Columbia
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