October 15, 2005
Always A Bridesmaid
Sitting here tonight, I just realized my brother Bob was married 28 years ago today. He and his wife, Karen are still very much the newlyweds they were all those years ago. My family is very unique. I never realized it until I was much older, that they are the oddity as far as statistics go and I'm the one that's likely the more 'normal'. All 4 of my brothers were fortunate enough to meet their significant others by the time they were 18, if not far earlier. They married by their 20th birthday and are all still very much married and happy to their high school sweethearts. In fact, even my cousins followed that same route. There is only one divorce in 4 generations, and that was a 6-monther back in 1974 that is still talked about in whispers.

Then there's me. Never married. No one quite knows where I fit in and have long ago stopped asking when I will meet the 'right one'. They've given up. Thankfully, I haven't. For the longest time, I thought it was me that was strange. I was the black sheep. But now I realize it's the opposite.

I'm working on a slideshow for my parents for Christmas and thought I'd pull up a few of the photos from the big event that occured nearly 3 decades ago. October 15, 1977.

As you can see, I completely idolized my big brother. He is 14 years older than me, and I remember always thinking he was the absolutely coolest big brother anyone could ever have. Back in those days, he drove a yellow convertible 'vette. I still cringe a little bit about that car. In one of my 'creative' 6 year old moments, I decide to beautify it and drew flowers on the leather seats with a black marker. Thinking about that now, it's actually pretty amazing he talks to me at all!
I was 7 when they married. I was beyond the moon with excitement to be part of the wedding ceremony and was coached within an inch of my young life, not to squirm and to 'stand like a lady' during the service. I stood so ramrod straight that my knees locked and when we had to turn to walk back down the aisle, I tripped and fell. Thankfully, Karen's brother was able to grab me before I made too much of a fool of myself.

They were the most stylin' couple back then. Well, even now for that matter. Karen was so tiny - 5' nothing and so thin you'd swear she'd fade away if she stood sideways. The wedding took place in her parents' basement. Check out the great 70's styles in the background. My other brother - in the beige vest - in the background had just married his wife - in the navy dress, only 3 weeks before. Sandi, drinking the milk, was still 18 and didn't drink alcohol yet. Hence, the milk.

The dress that Karen wore is still talked about today. We were all so impressed with the debutante, southern belle attire, but we later found out she hated it. She couldn't walk through the doorways without help and she found it completely uncomfortable. A few years after the wedding, she threw it out.

They now have 2 kids, a son and a daughter. Their daughter is the one who married last May. The son is just barely out of his teens and still thinks like one. He's under the impression that if he spends enough money to go into bankruptcy, he'll just skip the country and live on some desert island somewhere. A little more growing up to do there, I think.

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