October 14, 2005
This whole experience...Root Canal The Sequel, and the subsequent bone infection is a lot more painful than I had anticipated. I'm not doin' so good, unfortunately. The pain is definitely a lot more intense than expected and while I usually pride myself on dealing with such, this time is not going so well.

I left work this morning. After feeling the tears well up in my eyes, and not being able to keep a straight thought in my head, I realized I was doing no favours to anyone by trying to work. And unfortunately, a well-intentioned remark from a concerned family member put me into a sobbing mess. At that point, I realized it was time to pull myself out of the situation for a bit.

So I'm home. Took another dose of pain pills and am going to crash now.

If I had any energy left at all, I would definitely rip a strip off this damned dentist and their poor workmanship that has cost me not only monetarily, but so much more. Having to leave work due to sickness again never looks good and I am so worried their patience will grow thin. And of course, I had a friend coming into town this weekend that I likely won't be able to see now.

As such, blogging will be light for a bit. And I am sorry for not commenting on your blogs as often as I usually do. This week has been character-building to say the least.

Vancouver, British Columbia
A patriotic Canadian full of visions of a better Canada, random thoughts and a lot of hot air. Who am I? A struggling writer and photographer, who looks forward to a better Canada. I read. A lot. I learn. A lot. I push myself. A lot. The world is a small place, and getting smaller every day. I'm proud to have friends in every corner of the earth, and abide by the old adage that there are no strangers, only friends we haven't met yet.

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