October 30, 2005
Leaving the RE
With much consideration, I decided last night to leave the Red Ensign Brigade. It was a decision I did not take lightly and in fact, have been wrestling with myself over for quite a few months.

I joined the group several months ago and have been very proud to be part of this amazingly profound and patriotic Canadians. The idea of the group was and is simple. To strive for a better Canada where we once again can be proud of our leadership, and our stance on the international stage.

However, I found personally my own blogging has taken a much more personal twist, and I don't have the time to properly research and write articles I would hold worthy of this group. So I am bowing out.

I have made some very good friends through this group, and hope to continue my communications with them. As for the Red Ensign Brigade, I will continue to follow it and link information from it from time to time, but I believe they deserve a stronger membership than I was prepared to give them.

With that, though, I would like to link the most recent Red Ensign Standard #30. There are roughly 50 people in this group, and many that post several times a day. Every two weeks, one member writes and hosts the Standard, which typically links at least 2 posts from each active blog with commentary. Not a small task by any means.

Vancouver, British Columbia
A patriotic Canadian full of visions of a better Canada, random thoughts and a lot of hot air. Who am I? A struggling writer and photographer, who looks forward to a better Canada. I read. A lot. I learn. A lot. I push myself. A lot. The world is a small place, and getting smaller every day. I'm proud to have friends in every corner of the earth, and abide by the old adage that there are no strangers, only friends we haven't met yet.

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