March 25, 2005
Employment Spam
Taking a quick break from my book-reading to bring you one of the more funnier pieces of spam I've received lately. My resume is up on a number of job searching websites and today I received this :


Hi, my name is /0001/ and I am the State Director for American Income. I saw your resume on the Internet and felt that I should contact you immediately. Our company currently has openings for several outstanding individuals, like you.

If you are an individual seeking a financially rewarding career with a company that is part of the Torchmark Corporation (TMK) a Top Forbes 400 company that truly believes in Honesty, Integrity and Trust, then I would like to speak with you.

Please reply to this email or call my office at /0002/ so we can schedule an interview.

Best Regards

American Income

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Please allow two weeks for the removal process of your E-mail address to be complete. American Life Insurance * 1200 Wooded Acres * Waco TX 76710

I guess good ol' 0001 doesn't really mind that I live in another country. And the fact that he/she changes their name to 0003 by the end shouldn't be a red flag at all.

Spam...comes in all shapes, sizes and creeds.

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