March 22, 2005
Gonna wash that stress out of my hair!

Fantastic news this evening as we all breathe a huge sigh of relief. There is no significant damage to the heart or the surrounding tissues. No angioplasty, no bypass...just anti-inflammatories and relaxation.

It has been a rollercoaster week, and one that has made us all very thankful for how precious life is. I know I am looking forward to getting back to a more relaxed life.

Hayley, however, has been the epitome of 3-year old willfulness. Sure, it's easy to say she's acting out from stress, but holy hell, that child has an attitude! Love her to bits, but I can see why her Mom gets so frustrated.

One example last night...she's been potty trained for 6 months or so. We were lying in her parent's bed last night while I read her stories. She suddenly said "AnnieSue...I gotta pee." So I move toward helping her up and she looks up and smiles..

'Nevermind. I just did. '

Not an accident, mind you. Just not in the mood to actually get up and do anything about it!

I said to her.."Hayley, why would you do that? Now your Mom's gonna fire me as a babysitter!'

'Naw, I wanna be fired'.

'Sorry, girly, you can't be. You're in the union.'

Hence, since then, she's been skipping through the house yelling at the top of her lungs that she's in the union. At least I get to go home. [grin]

Vancouver, British Columbia
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