March 21, 2005
Tomorrow's the day
We have a date. Tomorrow at 10am, an ambulance will transfer Ron to the other hospital. Once there, he will have an angiogram (dye inserted into his heart to see where the blockage is) and then a decision will be made as to what type of procedure he will require. It could be an angioplasty, a stent or a full bypass.

I didn't sleep last night. I didn't sleep the night before either. I am feeling like a walking zombie. My back was giving me a lot of trouble so today, I carted myself off to the chiropractor and it would seem I had 5 ribs out of place. No wonder I had trouble feeling my arm. I knew the stress had to come out from somewhere, so I guess this was it.

Hoping to crash tonight, and then will spend the day with Shan and the kids. It's so tough on her. Everyone can just be at the hospital but with the young babes, she just can't. Everything must be so choreographed and it's rough on her. She wants to be with her Dad as much as we all do, but doesn't have that freedom. I'm frustrated at that for her. I have been trying to help, but it is an hour drive away and not completely easy. Considering she has a sister living with her and another Aunt (my brother's Sis-in-law) within 5 minutes, let alone her husband, I think there should be more people sympathizing and giving her a break to let her be with her Dad. She's beside herself with worry, and it's starting to take it's toll on the kids. Vicious circle.

Coming home tonight, I had another scare. My brother's house is in a very rural area. I was bumbling down the road, at a fair clip, when a coyote ran out right in front of my car. I had to slam on the brakes and lost control momentarily, while the damned beast just stood entranced with the headlights in front of me. I truly thought I was going to run the poor thing over and it gave me a terrible shock. In fact, I was on the phone at the time (hands free!) and all my Mother heard on the phone was me yelling 'Ohmigawd! NOOOOO!' Nothing like freaking just everyone out at once. Sure enough, though, I was able to stop in time and the coyote ran off into the bush. My heart is still skipping beats!

Vancouver, British Columbia
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