March 24, 2005
Where I will be for the next 48 hours

It's HERE! It's HERE! It's HERE!!!!!

Since I was a young teenager, I have been a huge fan of Wilbur Smith's books. I consume them and can't wait for the next fix. This latest offering just arrived this morning and feels like the most exquisite treat. It's only released in the UK on March 28, and in North America on May 5, but I'm on a list that allows me to get it a few days early.

The sad part is I hesitate picking it up because I know I won't be able to put it down, and then before I know it, it will be finished and I'll be having to wait another 3 years before his next book comes out. If at all. The author is now in his late 70s...each new book from him almost feels sacred now.

Triumph of the Sun is going to join two of his main storylines together. Something that has been decades in the making. When I went to South Africa, where most of his stories are based, I visited most of the places in his books, lending real memories to his words. The story lines that brought the characters to the Middle East gave dimension to the world we know today. He's not a gentle writer, but his words bring to life a time not so long ago with all the blemishes and the joys we take for granted.

With that, I will now retreat to my favourite chair and will return once I'm done.

Vancouver, British Columbia
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