March 12, 2005
Mushy brain
I have been having the same fun as Rebecca with migraines. The last two days are a complete blur. But I seem to be improved this morning, so hopefully it's moving on. Hope so...I'm taking a run into the US this afternoon.

Our official trip to Seattle is now booked for Thursday-Saturday next week. We'll be staying downtown but fairly close to the zoo. I'm hoping to go see Gunner Palace while I'm there, as it looks like they're playing it in a cinema close to the hotel. Other than that, does anyone reading this have any great ideas (other than the zoo) for 3-year old kids?

Because I'm less than profound today, I'll leave this with a list from Friday Feast:

Feast Thirty-Nine

Appetizer - Where do you go when you want to relax?

To the beach by my house. I can go sit there and watch the tug boats, fishboats and barges go past me and feel myself calm down. Anytime I'm way over the top stress-wise, you'll find me up there taking in the scenery.

Soup - Tell about something that made you laugh this week.

Holy hell, I'm having trouble with this one! I must have laughed this week, but do you think I can remember???

Salad - What is your favorite texture?


Main Course - If you were to publish your autobiography, what would the first sentence be?

The old country doctor looked at the worn-out new mother and shook his head sadly. 'You may finally have your daughter, but for how long, I just can't say...'

Dessert - Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day? If so, how?

I usually like to do something, but I do have my shamrock tattoo so I'm wearing the green 24/7 anyway. Usually, if I'm at my parents, we have the traditional meal of corned beef, boiled cabbage, boiled potatoes and carrots. I LOVE that! Later on, friends will gather at one of the local pubs selling green beer. This year though, we'll be in Seattle so likely nothing.

Well, that's it for me. My brother is off to get his new tattoo today. He's very much into them and today will be two additions - Alexander's name on his family tree and the memorial ribbon for the fallen officers. I thought it was great that he was doing that, but it would seem it triggered some pretty strong emotions in a friend of mine, who felt it was plainly wrong. My brother's point being that he's been in the field for 25 years and has seen far too many people lose their lives, or their health and mobility. By having the tattoo, it honours the sacrifice and gives a symbol that reminds him how precious life can be. I'm proud of him for doing it.

Vancouver, British Columbia
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