April 21, 2005
The PM Speaks (and other daily rants)
at 4pm PST? Sure, go ahead and continue to alienate the BC population. Sorry, dude, I was at work when you changed your mind on the timing so missed it completely.

So he wants time? More like a time machine....

Seriously, even if he didn't know people were sucking the pennies out of the coffers left right and centre, as the former Finance Minister, he doesn't make a good impression. "Yeah, I had no idea what cheques I was signing, Officer...nobody told me it wasn't on the level".

If you hold the purse strings, you should at least know what it's opening for. It's not fine to apologize later and repent with promises of extra vigilance. It didn't work for the executives of Enron and Worldcom. It most certainly should not be acceptable for a government.

Maybe we need to take a lesson from Ecuador.

In lighter notes, did you know you can now email the Pope directly? I wonder if the 78 year old Pontiff will be anything like my 75 year old Aunt with the computer. "What do you mean - Control Key?" "The computer is telling me I have a virus". Yeah, like they'd ever even get him close to the keyboard. A thought occurred to me that it was lucky they were able to come to a conclusive vote on April 19. Can you imagine what the media would have gone with if it had been April 20 - the birthdate of the most infamous German?

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